Here in Canada, spring is starting to shine, sun is getting warmer everyday and it’s time for a change of wardrobe ! Like every season, trends impose themselves as we watch runway shows and listen to designers’ vision. Here are some of this spring 2013 trends.

The black and white.

For me, this is….and will be, an instant win for a very long time. Its easily matchable ( yes ). It’s simplistic, colorless, chic and styled. With bold shapes. A must have in every woman’s wardrobe.



The rainbow tropics

Colorful, fun and very feminine. The dresses are, to me more like a tease or an intro to summer’s style. It also screams Pina-Colada, Margarita and the beach…. bring it on !!!



The structured skirts

This one I particularly liked. Instead of having those floppy skirts that are nowadays very popular, structured skirts are a way to give volume and strength to your dress without having it to be fluffy !




Lace & Transparency

Nothing says more sensual and feminine than lace. You can wear it on top of another layer, or play with transparency and colors. It goes well with other fabrics as well, if you want a sweet yet hard look.3134b40ae4444befa36bf978e1099851dece8319a77c0d03f28482e5df3fd831




And for the last of my top trends, the one I will always love and cherish, and has been in my wardrobe for a long time…… stripes ! I am so glad it’s still on this year ! Wear them proudly !