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Stephanie is a photographer from Warrnambool, Australia, a coastal town located in the south east of Victoria. She moved to Paris, France in 2010 to fulfill her Mary Poppins dream and worked as a nanny. Meanwhile, she was completing a Photography Degree and meeting her boyfriend ( now husband). They decieded to move to Montreal, Québec when she finished her degree.
How long have you been a photographer ? What did you do before ? 

It has only been a year that I have really called myself a photographer. However I completed my diploma almost 3 years ago.

What gives you ideas and/or inspires you to create your photographs? OR We know that each of us has someone or something, which inspires our life and work. Can you tell us the true basis of your inspiration?
The general idea for a shoot could come from a random image, a film clip, a movie, a colour, someone I see in the street, a pin on Pinterest… But it is mostly the model I choose that will inspire me in the end: her mood, the way she moves, how we interact… That is what will really gives a precise direction to the shoot while it is happening. I try as much as I can to leave the door open for the model to interpret my general idea and I -intentionally- do not say much while shooting.

And how would you describe your own work?

Although I learnt photography in the studio and think like a studio photographer: I like a simple set / decor, a lighting setup that has to be precise but not too complex, natural make up, a controlled and minimal retouching and prefer working with a small team. Producing images primarly focused on the model’s attitude is essential to me. I hope it is evident in my work
I also tend to think my photos are closer to a European look than a Northern American one (when it comes to fashion photography aesthetics). you could say a British look. That is very subjective, I guess. 

What is your favorite image that you have shot ? And why ? What is the story behind it ?
Ari by the Swimming Pool. Everything was right: her pose, the light, the colors. We shot at a roof top swimming pool in downtown Montreal for Sicky Magazine, all natural light. It was such a beautiful day, a great team and also my first publication.

Ari for Sicky

Fun Questions

Favorite Food : Katsu Don
Favorite Movie : What’s eating Gilbert Grape
Most important thing in life : Drive (…not the Ryan Gosling film)


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