Editorial Title : York Wilson
Photographers, Stylists and Models:  The Trollsen Twins
Assistant Photographer:  Devon Berman
Assistant Stylist:  Ian Fiebig
Camera: Fujifilm Instax 

This editorial is shot with a polaroid  at the former home of late Canadian artist York Wilson in Toronto, the home he designed himself that remains as it was when he died in 1984. The editorial was shot throughout the house that is now said to be haunted by the artist, who is regularly heard working in his studio to this day.

” We chose polaroid to give the shoot a vintage feel, because we wanted to stay true to the era the house was left in. We love the surprise and challenge of having one chance to take a shot. There’s something pretty ghostly about a polaroid shot too, kind of cloudy and spooky, and it fit the location perfectly. ”
” We got access to the former home of York Wilson by a friend who’s family just moved into the home, which has been vacant since his death in 1984. Although the furnishings have changed, the original architecture of the home remains perfectly in tact, including the front door, which is covered in an original abstract finger painting by Wilson. His former studio remains at the front of the house, and many have heard strange noises emanating from the room. Now a spare bedroom, our friend once spent a night in the studio terrified as she listened to the sound of wood being sanded emanating from every corner of the room. It is believed Wilson still inhabits the home Toronto architect John B. Layng designed for him and his wife Lela Wilson, his spirit endlessly creating works of art. ”
All the clothing used is stylist’s own vintage from the 1980’s to stay true to the era of the home, including the background art on which we scanned the polaroids. All background images come from the pages of Interview Magazine from 1984-85. 
” We were flipping through the pages of vintage Interview magazines from 1884-85 about a week before going to Toronto and shooting in Wilson’s house, and we had no idea yet that we would even be going there. It was a total coincidence that they were from the same year he died, and we realized this only after coming home. We then felt compelled to combine everything, it was like a sign, so we scanned our shots on the pages. ”
york wilson COVER