Interview with Rubi Jones

By Ruby-Maude Rioux

Interview in our Outsider Issue

The title “ The Art of Hair ” could not have been chosen more wisely as styling our own hair can be a laborious task, but the book achieved to making it so much more accessible. Collecting a selection of Rubi Jones’ favorite looks, we end-up with a book that is both trendy and timeless, a guide for both curly and straight, long and short hair, a DIY guide that we are torn between placing it on our coffee table or in our bathroom, next to the mirror.

Rubi was first approach by many publishers that wanted to make a hairstyling DIY book. “ Once I wrapped my brain around the idea of a book, my intention was to create something aesthetically beautiful, that would make a great gift for hairstylists and non-hairstylists alike. I wanted to focus on styles that would work on all hair textures and also focused on basics like products, styling tools, and blow out techniques you’d use everyday alongside more stylized hairstyles. ”
Working with photographer Agnes Thor and illustrator Samantha Hahn, “ The Art of Hair ” stands out with a girly yet simple look. “ As an artist, you evolve every single day and your art does too. One of the biggest challenges with the book was knowing that my style would continue to evolve and I would have to be ok with this extremely permanent representation of my work at that point in time.

Raised around unofficial hairdressers, hairstyling would always be involved when Rubi’s family
gathered. Although an important part of her family meetings, it never seemed like a career choice
until her college years, when she planned to be a full-time hairdresser while studying Art History.
After her first semester however, she decided to drop off in order to devote herself to her true passion.
“I’ve always loved fashion and beauty, and hair is the perfect medium for me to pursue my love of both.”

Photographer Lawrence Fafard
Model Amelia @ Dulcedo
Hair & Makeup Catherine LeMay
Art Director & Stylist Elisabeth Labelle
Clothing Top Shop