The dreams of Frederica

Born in southern Italy, Federica Campochiaro moved to Rome to study interior architecture and industrial design in the Italian capital. She discovered photography and devoted to self-portraits.

“I have always been a drawer, mostly dreamer maybe; then I found that photography could live on its own too. So I started a year long self portrait project; it has changed me deeply, and I understood I cannot live without images of my own world, I have no other way to communicate. The self portrait exploration ended some months ago, I’ve naturally slided back the camera, and let you see what I see. I shot mostly with film cameras, it relaxes me a lot, and makes me think a lot better about the concept, instead of digital images, which are mostly born after the real shot.”

said Federica, who is in love with analogue photography and whose work generally is done in black and white and medium format.

Here is some of her work.

spiderweb Federica-Campochiaro-2 Federica-Campochiaro-1 Federica-Campochiaro-3 nella-tana-del-coniglio