This issue began with the simple idea of looking at the emerging trend and forms coming out from progressive, non-gendered society. What we found, however, was more than just a blurred line in the space between menswear and womenswear – the person wearing the stylistic movement. Beyond the clothing itself, there was a hidden persona lying beneath the clothes, and not the other way around.

Flanelle Magazine Issue 13 - Genderless Edition

By Flanelle Magazine in Flanelle Magazine

120 pages, published 10/26/2017

Flanelle Magazine’s 13th Edition : The Genderless Issue120 pages.CONTRIBUTORS Aleksandra Zaborowska, Alex GilbertAnna-Lena Krause, Elisa C Rossow, Garrett NaccaratoHotel Bleu, Ieva Lasmane, James R. Palmisano, Jimmi Francoeur, Kane Ocean, Karin Vanasse, Lindsay Cooper, Michael Bloom, Morgane Kendall, OIL by Olive, Olivia Foley, Rad Hourani, Renee Bevan, Ryan Segedi, Sarah O’Driscoll, Sarah-Eve Leduc, Stephanie Serfaty, Su min Park,…