When you think of accessories that tout your personal style, do you ever think of your smartphone? Probably not. However, in today’s tech-forward age, wearable technology — while it is typically known for its convenience and functionality — is offering stylish folks everywhere a new element with which to accessorize their look.

From phones to running shoes to purses, there’s no shortage of fashionable tech to choose from.

The Modern Trendsetter

For those who appreciate modern fashion appeal and the latest trends in style, several key tech pieces top the list of what’s fashionable right now.

Say goodbye to the bulky, plastic-looking FitBit and say hello to the Motiv Ring. This clean and sleek ring keeps track of heart rate, calorie burn, distance, sleep patterns, steps and more and is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later.

Choose from rose gold or slate gray and start wearing your health on your hand with a battery life of three to five days.

Another modern tech gadget that is so “right now” is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This state-of-the-art smartphone boasts a sleek design and optimum functionality. With a slim profile and quick-touch access, this phone screams modern practicality. Further, it offers the height of user experience with a bright, contoured dual-edge display, 256GB of memory and is waterproof to boot.

Vintage Chic

For fashionistas who like a vintage flair, the Fossil Q Founder smartwatch is an Android Wear watch with a vintage-like brown leather strap and traditional looking face. This watch is designed for both men and women and is popular for its understated appearance.

The Bellabeat LEAF is a favorite among the ladies. This device can be worn as a necklace or a brooch, lets wearers track their stress level, sleep and menstrual cycle as well as activity — with a six-month battery life. Plus, what says “vintage” like a good, old-fashioned brooch?

Sporty Fashion

Smartphones are all the rage, but a smart shoe? Yep, add that to the list of today’s top tech.

For those who are into sports and athletic wear, the UA SpeedForm Velocity Record-Equipped sneaker is the first of its kind and can assess wearer’s personal readiness by simply jumping. In other words, through a “jump test,” you can learn what exactly you need to do to heighten your game and intensify your next run.

And for ordinary people who want to train like elite athletes, the Adidas miCoach Elite System has been used by the likes of Major League Soccer teams for several years.

This high-tech sensor monitors athletic performance, including speed, heart rate and power and sends the data to the coach. The piece helps monitor any injuries or possible concussions on the horizon for better planning.

Still not convinced? The device was used by Germany when they won the World Cup and the team’s trainer noted that the iCoach Elite’s use in nearly every training allowed for the tracking of each player’s performance and skill for future training planning… helping pave the way for their win.

Regardless of your personal style, you’re sure to find trendy tech pieces that speak to your needs — and your look — with no trouble at all.