Los Muertos is The Lost City’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It transpires from El Día de Los Muertos, carnival fortune tellers and spirit boards. It is androgynous possessing both extremely masculine and feminine qualities. Dark mystical images of all seeing eyes, tie dye and the fifth element come together to create this creepy but beautiful collection from the afterlife.





Everything is made locally( Montreal, Quebec ), dyed and printed by hand. Each collection is made in a limited edition. I will print exactly what is ordered and one set of re runs, but once I reclaim the screens for the next collection, the images are retired and never used again. Sometimes I will work with similar themes, as all of the images correlate to those within my fine art practice, but nothing is repeated.



danicaedits-22Photographer : Sarah O’Driscol
MUA : Kelty Lewis
Models : Max Racicot and Julia Stevanovic.

Clothing by The Lost City.