Most of us have a skincare routine and makeup routine, but do you have a hair routine? Still only using the same brush you’ve had for years? Well Wetbrush have changed the game with their four step hair brush routine detangle, dry, style, and care. Whether your goal is shinier locks, tangle free hair, or healthy roots, Wetbrush has a brush for every hair type and every occasion.  

Before diving into a new hair routine, figure out why the past ones weren’t working. If it is one of these common haircare mistakes, make the change today!

– Using the wrong hairbrush for your hair type (different brushes have different bristles and strength depending on your hair – who knew!)

–         Washing your hair too frequently (no more than every second day)

–         Not using the correct products when dying your hair

–         Breaking your hair with hair ties (use scrunchies or special hair ties instead)

When starting a new haircare routine, you should also do a background check on the products you are currently using alongside your brushes – serums and conditioning masks are perfect addition to your hair routine to keep hair healthy and fresh. Wetbrush brushes featuring Intelliflex bristles are not only stylish, but super affordable too – win. Plus, their Go Green Detangler is biodegradable, proving their commitment not only look after your hair but also the environment. Check out their products HERE.

Whether you have straight, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, Wetbrush has a brush for everyone. They break their brushes into four categories to ensure you have a hairbrush for every step of your styling journey.

1.     DETANGLE – We all suffer from those annoying tangles in our hair but Wetbrush has a simple solution with their Original Detangler or their new biodegradable Go Green Detangler. Your haircare routine is no use if your hair is a matted mess, you need the Original’s soft bristles that will move through your hair with ease and a strong brush that will not break when faced with challenging knots.

2.     DRY – Blow drying and using heat often is incredibly damaging to your hair, which is why Wetbrush has designed their Speed Dry brush. This brush has a vented design that allows more heat (natural heat) to access your hair when brushing. This knocks out two birds with one stone; you can brush and speed up the drying process at the same time! However, if you still want to dry your hair with heat, the Speedy Dry brush is heat resistant!

3.     STYLE – When styling your hair, it is important to use the right brush that will allow you to shape your hair to your ideal You can create many styles from curls and  beach waves to smooth and shiny blowouts.

4.     CARE –  The Wetbrush Shine Enhancer distributes your hair’s natural oils evenly from root to tip which keeps the shine in your hair. This is why it is crucial not to wash your hair too often, otherwise these natural oils will deplete, and your hair will grow dry and brittle. This brush is also perfect with dry shampoo in your hair, it will still glide perfectly.

By incorporating these simple steps into your hair care routine, your hair will not only look amazing but feel amazing too. It is super easy as to achieve healthier, stronger hair.