The SS2017 eyewear trends you don’t want to miss

This year is all about renewal and differences. Interpretations of the 80’s ; bathrobes as the new trench coats; high-rise and flowy palazzo pants and culottes to define waist; a more saturated color palette than we’ve seen in the past decade… The 90’s also comeback, with its grungy aesthetic characterized with punk feminism, mixed with 2017’s love for minimalism.


Your number one accessory is your glasses. They not only help you see clearly, but they help you be seen as the individual you are. For the 2017 eye-wear trends, we see a definite comeback of the round-shaped frames. The size of frames seems to tend to a smaller diameter, and the round glasses are seen more and more in a metal materialWe obviously still see a lot of love in the plastic and acetate department, that plays with transparency. Add a little bit of metal to your acetate to create a crystallized chic look.

Color-wise, pastels and all variations of blush and pink seem to be in style. Another trend that works great with the new technologies are transition glasses.Instead of purchasing your favorite pair twice, simply put transition glasses to be able to have your favorite eyewear both in neutral and as sunglasses.

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