Trace Collective is a London based brand with a fresh focus on sustainable design for both men and women. Demonstrating a contemporary aesthetic, each collection is inspired by transparent and ethical choices.

They use carefully sourced only natural, regenerative fabrics and innovative methods to promote a more effective circular supply chain. Their fabrics (organic linen and hemp) gives back to the environment just by harvesting them. Trace Collective’s clothes are fully biodegradable and designed to be easily recyclable.

“We have thought of every single detail. Buttons, threads even interlining is made of natural materials. No dirty secrets. Trace Collective’s driving mission is to produce positive environmental and social impacts. This informs the whole design process and supply chain choices, from textiles to manufacturing. We use blockchain technology to tell the stories of every single garment, from where it has been to who has made it. We believe radical transparency is very important within fashion industry”

Trace Collective is entering the market through a Kickstarter campaign as the first regenerative, fully circular and transparent fashion brand catering to a European market.