In recent years, as the world has become closely knitted, the fashion and style industry has really picked up. People, and especially women are now fashion conscious more than ever before and remain in a rat race to look totally on point all the time. These are times when everything has become about fashion and it is not something that is limited to your proms or weddings. From airport fashion to beach fashion to even lounge fashion, there is a certain science of dressing up that is important to follow if you are a true fashionista.

One of the trickiest parts of dressing up is dressing up at work. Most women face extreme confusion about how to dress the right way at their workplace. The reason why it gets confusing is that, at workplaces, one is expected to look professional, which means you cannot wear anything that looks too casual or too over the top. However, you would also not want to walk into your office without having any makeup on. As a result, many working women find it difficult to find the right balance. Here are a few styling tips to dress up at work.

The Dress

The very first thing that grabs attention when you walk into your workplace is undoubtedly your dress. Your dress should be something that exudes class and professionalism. Even if you belong to a liberal society, it is recommended to maintain some level of modesty in your dressing and avoid clothes that are too revealing, unless that is a requirement of your job. You would not want to look awkward or distracting for others around you by dressing up as a bartender if you are a bank teller.

Besides that, avoid loud prints and stick to solid hues. Avoid using more than two tones at once. Ideally, a ladies suit is your best bet, but if you cannot wear a suit every day, a formal one tone shirt paired with a formal skirt or trouser would look quite professional and stylish at the same time. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you can carry easily.


You might be a fan of wearing jewelry, but do not wear a lot of it at your workplace. Not only it looks extremely gawdy and unprofessional, but it can also make it difficult for you to do your tasks smoothly. Be as light on the jewelry as possible.  A small pair of studs and a ring or two is more than enough. To make it look more professional, a classy watch would be a great addition. A classy watch such as a Hamilton Jazzmaster would be an amazing option.


Do not walk into your office with all shades on your Morphe pallette painted all over your face. Bright colored eye shades and blinding highlighters are an absolute no-no. Stick to nude and earth tones as much as possible. If you wish to add a pop of color, use a matte red lipstick at max. Avoid lipsticks that are either funky or have a glossy finish.