She brings a fresh new look to the wedding industry with her collection. Today Delphine Manivet is a major contributor to wedding fashion design, as we all know. We are still amazed by her creations.
Her dresses are timeless, time seems suspended. This feeling originates from a subtle union of refined noble and naturals materials, taking the old fashion fabrics(laces, embroidery, silk, satin, tulle, guipure, wool, cotton) to be shaped in a more modern, fluid and sexy style.
Her dresses sublimate a women’s body, fabrics fit closely to the skin, a kind of retro romance. We enter a sweet universe, evoking poetry and privacy.
This dress reflects the modern woman, romance and beautiful simplicity.
We love how the designer composes and creates, she reveals and hides, plays with transparency, layers and openings. This brings a fresh, delicate and feminine boost to the wedding dress.
You can discover the new collection on a fashion video. Styles are charming with simplicity, we like the video mood, like an old picture overexposed by the light. We could feel the fluidity and gentleness of the dresses on the body, the heat of a sunny filter.
You could be a modern and romantic bride, with a blink to the past.




Delphine Manivet Wedding Dresses Before the Big Day-3





– Marine Senges –