With summer just around the corner, now is the best time to get your wardrobe sorted out and squared away ready for the coming months. Winter came and went quicker than anybody could have imagined (although this always seems to happen…) and now we’re fast-approaching BBQ season.

Summer is the time of year many of us dread, not because of the warm weather, long days and lazy weekends laying around and sipping sangria, but because of all the preparation that it requires! Stocking up on sun cream, getting your wardrobe together and planning days out with friends are all significant burdens when it comes to the summer months.

Summer requires an awful lot of preparation. With the warm weather coming in earlier each year, we are often caught off-guard and have to play a game of catch-up to get ahead of the weather. The hardest part of all this is having the right clothes on stand-by ready for whatever the summer can throw at us – whether that be a rooftop party, a BBQ round at your neighbour’s house, or some truly sweltering hot days.

Here are some summer wardrobe essentials which you simply cannot be without this year.


#1: Sunglasses (and Lots of Them!)

You probably already have plenty of pairs of sunglasses, but a couple more isn’t going to hurt, right?! Sunglasses get fancier each year, and there’s always room in the budget for a couple of extra pairs. Sunglasses, whilst expensive, are a no-brainer; it is important to protect your eyes and your long-term vision from the damaging effects of UV rays, especially if you are going to be driving anywhere. Treat yourself to a few pairs of nice sunglasses, you know you deserve them!


#2: Shoes & Sandals

Comfortable, casual shoes are a must-have for any summer wardrobe. Although boots and high heels are great, they aren’t very suitable for the summer and they generally don’t go well with the casual summer dress (boots especially). If you’re wearing closed footwear, you’re going to regret it on hot days!

Sandals are a great alternative to shoes and there are plenty of stylish options available. Check out those available at IKRUSH (https://www.ikrush.com/sandals) for inspiration and trendy women’s sandals.

#3: Hats

By a hat, we mean a summer hat… not a baseball cap or anything else! Hats are an absolute must to protect your scalp from UV rays. Unlike middle-aged men who have lost their hair, women cannot put sun cream on their head and must instead wear a hat for maximum protection.

If you don’t fancy wearing a hat, then you can opt to use an umbrella instead. Not all hats are big, ugly and bulky; there are lots of summer hats out there which are very stylish and will pair faultlessly with most outfits.

#4: Plain White T-Shirts

For more casual days when you don’t want to be putting on a dress, the classic, casual plain white t-shirt is an option you can’t go far wrong with. A good quality 100% light cotton plain white t-shirt will keep you cool in the hot weather because darker shades of colour (and blacks) absorb light instead of reflecting it, meaning you heat up much quicker in the hot, blazing sun.

Get a mixture of both long and short t-shirts, longer ones to be worn with outfits which include jeans, and shorter ones which can be worn when you are wearing a skirt or shorts.

#5: Dress Shorts

Dress shorts are great for the summer because they can be worn at all kinds of occasions, even the office party! Generally, dress shorts come in three different lengths –

  • Short with an inseam of 3 – 4 inches;
  • Medium with an inseam of 5 – 7 inches; and
  • Long with an inseam of 9 – 11 inches.

We recommend picking up a mixture of these in a variety of colors and shades. Longer shorts may be appropriate when you are at a more smart-casual affair whereas short shorts are great for the beach and casual days out. The length and type of shorts will depend hugely on your age, body type, and your personal taste, but try to go for a sturdy pair of shorts made from a robust material such as wool and avoid heavy denim.

Getting ready for summer to be in full swing needn’t be a massively over-complicated task. Although you can get through summer with a pair of cheap sunglasses and a few of last season’s garments, a little preparation in advance will mean you have a fresh wardrobe ready for a summer full of long, hot days and constant social events.

A good pair of sunglasses (or three), some light, airy dresses, cotton t-shirts and short shorts with the right pair of shoes or sandals make a classic summer outfit that will see you through most days.