The thing with fashion is that it’s such a visual and intuitive industry. No matter how talented a designer can be, the end result always has to “look” good or feel right, or out of the box. There is always a certain attention to detail, and those are captured by photographers who shoot fashion campaigns and high-end fashion magazine editorials. This is why these are cherished distinctions in fashion.

Throughout the year, we have received amazing editorials here at Flanelle, so we have made a selection of our top editorials of 2016 that received a lot of love.

  1. APOSEMATICA by Mairo ArDe Mora Labbe 

2. THE TOURIST by Claire Delannoy

3. MY SUGAR SHINE by Mischel Warenits

4. ABSOLUTENUDE by Judit Dombovari

5. GAB by Anne Marie Piette

6. OUT by Rodrigo Favero 

7. BREEZE by Magdalena Czajka

8. FORGET THEM by Laurie Basset

9. BALANCE by Tania Kezha

10. AFFLATUS by Danil Kaistro