Number 3 !

Joey L, 21 years old

This is very different from all the other photographers we have shown. He is young, he has done a lot He actually inspires me !
He’s a Canadian-born photographer and director, currently based in New York City and his client list speaks for itself: Verizon, Nickelodeon, History channel, FX Channel, Smirnoff,  Kawasaki, Forbes, and The Government of Abu Dhabi. He works closely with Lara Jade listed above making a tutorial DVD.


Text by Expert

Joey L :

Villages consist of a small number of grouped together huts made of stick walls and grass roofs

“Our goats are very valuable to us and a respected member of the tribe. They give us both food and clothing.”

After the introduction of missionaries into the Omo Valley the Arbore now share a mixture of monotheistic and traditional animist beliefs

Olochia shot an invading Hyena near their home with their family’s Kalashnikov rifle.



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