Having the right shoes is always an investment in one’s foot health. Sneakers precisely are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They are the perfect shoe that can change one’s life, literally. It’s not just footwear or an accessory that completes a look, but one that can be worn everywhere and not just limited to the gym or going for outdoor activities. With the number of different athleisure styles available in the market, how does one settle for one? Here are some tips from the experts on what to look for;

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One of the most important factors to consider when sourcing for quality sneakers is whether a shoe is fashionable or functional in purpose. Wearing an ill-fitting shoe can present a slew of issues to your feet such as bunions, ingrown toenails, aching feet and all sorts of circulatory problems. Most salespeople at the shoe store will try to convince you into buying fitting shoes with the hope that they will stretch – this is the greatest lie! The shoe may stretch width-wise but not on the length. To know your fit, make sure your toes have enough room to wiggle especially in sneakers. Do a finger test to make sure you have at least a half an inch between the longest and the shoe.


High-quality athleisure sneakers don’t necessarily come cheap. It’s paramount to always opt for high-end sneakers that are comfortable and protect your feet from dirt and injuries. Invest in cheap sneakers and your feet will pay the price. The common misconception in the market is that high-quality and durable sneakers have to be expensive and out of range for the lady on a budget. This doesn’t always have to be the case. It may seem like breaking the bank but it will save you money in the long run. Hop onto the Dolce &Gabbana sneakers sale and bag yourself your favourite pair at a discounted rate. High-quality sneakers will outlast multiple cheap shoes and promote the health of your feet.


Sneakers derive their name because of how quiet their rubber soles are, as compared to other shoes. They were primarily designed for sports and other forms of exercise but are now widely used for different purposes. select a sneaker that matches your lifestyle and the activities that you partake. Running sneakers, for instance, are manufactured to take more of a beating and can handle the demands of the outdoors such as harsh climate and rogue terrain as compared to court shoes.


Fashion doesn’t always make sense. Sneakers have taken a loud turn when it comes to shoe trends for 2020. The market has an overflow of cool and fashionable sneakers, the kind that will get you noticed anywhere you go. A notable example is the chunky sneakers popularly referred to as the “dad shoes.” The chunky-soled shoes have reigned supremacy in recent years with many luxury brands coming up with new ways to keep the trend relevant. Celebrities and Instagram influencers have embraced the “ugliness” of these shoes and turned them into an elegant trend.


I know we may all want to own a pair of sneakers in every color. However, this may not be possible from a price point of view. Colour should be carefully considered to make sure that your sneaker can complement the majority of your outfits. For dressy sneakers, three staple pairs are just enough – white, black and neon sneakers. Black sneakers are everywoman’s go-to style that is minimalistic and ooze style. The iconic white sneakers are vital for the wellbeing of a functioning wardrobe. They make one look clean, put together and go well with almost anything. Neon sneakers are no longer considered a remnant of the ‘80s but a trend for those who want to make a statement and are young at heart.