In this era of consumerism, with beauty and health guru all over the place, we are ready to do a 360 and try all that the world has to show us at our best and finest. And for some of us, we share our days with our very best friend, our loyal companion,  and let’s be honest, they deserve it too !

With the help of our partner Why Do Pets, we wanted to give you our top beauty and health tips to work on your fluffy BFF. You can find even more detailed information on their website.


There is a deep variety in hair length, style, and coarseness for every breed of dog. Choosing the right shampoo and the right detangler can make a huge difference in your dog’s appearance, softness, and shine. The detanglers are also important to keep your dog from losing its hair all over the house and keeping the daily brushing a simple task that is fun for both you and your loving pet.

It may feel natural to bathe your dog when it smells, but you should give it a bath twice a month, at most. The recommended amount would be once a month only. If you bathe your dog more than recommended, you can damage their skin and fur. And if you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, you can always bring your dog to a professional salon to save you some time on grooming.


We know how much scent is important to humans, but so is it for dogs. And some breeds have a particular smell which is hard to get rid of. With all the hugs you’ll be giving, it’s important to have one that is pleasant but not too strong either so that it won’t bother your dog’s fine flair. It also needs to be natural, as you don’t want to be spraying chemicals over your dog’s skin and hair.

Don’t forget to get your dog a breath freshener as well. Some people will spray some perfume but completely neglect their dog’s mouth. Another way to floss your dog’s teeth is by simply getting it a chewing toy, to help out their gum, and get rid of food stuck on their teeth. If your dog doesn’t chew or can’t chew toys, there are some other ways to keep their teeth clean and breath freshSome breeds will need extra care and attention on brushing their teeth too. And if you are the lazy kind, you can at least get a breath freshener water additive that you’ll simply need to put in their water bowl.


You wake up in the morning and need to go clean your face and wipe your eyes? Well, dogs too! Unfortunately, they can’t do it by themselves, and you’ll want to get some dog eye wipes that are easy to use and throw away. It’s a fairly quick little routine that will make your dog feel so much better!

It’s important to keep an eye ( pun intended ) on your dog’s eye health. Healthy eyes are clear and bright, so if you notice a change in the eye colors or changes in discharge, you should consult immediately.


The last beauty tip on our list is accessories! If your dog has a collar and wears it every day, this will be the main accessory it will wear, so make sure you have something that will be beautiful, soft around the neck and that will bring your dog’s personality out. You can find amazing ones on Etsy and have their name engraved with your phone number.

The dog’s necklace shouldn’t be too tight around the neck but sit high up on your dog’s neck. The fun part is to also match your leash to the collar!


Our last tip is one that seems obvious, yet we don’t always do it for ourselves. You can’t deny that … you are what you eat! Every day you consume food, digest it to give you the energy, the minerals, the vitamins that your body needs to take care of your hair, skin, eyes, bones, and happiness. it is the same for our furry friends, so paying a few extra dollars for a quality meal is extremely important.

In the end, most of the beauty tips for our animals are very similar to ours, as humans. It’s about taking care of ourselves inside and outside, with proper hygiene, and some little extra bling with jewelry and perfume!