Top 6 Most Fashionable Celebs Who Don’t Use Stylists

We all assume that celebrities look great all of the time because they spend their money on a beauty squad and a team of stylists. And, yes, that’s typically the case! However, there are a few celebrities who don’t rely on other people to tell them what to wear. They have their own sense of style, so they don’t feel the need to hire a stylist. So, let’s take a look at some of the most fashionable celebs who actually dress themselves…


Diane Kruger – It would only be right to move onto Diane Kruger now – another celebrity who never seems to get it wrong despite not having a stylist. One look she has expertly mastered is the all-black ensemble, which consists of a mini dress, opaque tights, and ankle strap pumps or boots. You will often see her going to this go-to look.


Kate Moss – The supermodel is another famous face who doesn’t use a stylist. She has a very specific sense of style, and she knows her own fashion persona better than anyone else. There are quite a few fashion lessons that we can all learn from Kate Moss. The most important one is to stay loyal to your own style. She has also mastered the art of dressing for her body, and she knows how to flirt with kitsch and do it well.

Rachel Bilson – For those who don’t know Rachel Bilson, she shot to fame on television when starring in The O.C. Not only does she have a great sense of style, but her approach to it is refreshing. She says that fashion is all about experimenting and fun, and she illustrated this by stating that she has been known to put a necklace in her hair. Finding innovative ways to use pieces is certainly what fashion is all about.

Dita von Teese – Dita von Teese once said that Diane Kruger is the only modern celebrity she admires because she doesn’t use a stylist. She likened Kruger to herself, stating that they both choose their own garments without an entourage.


Olivia Munn – Olivia Munn’s reason for not using a fashion stylist is simple: she states that she would rather the responsibility of a fashion fail to be on her own shoulders!

Blake Lively – Last but not least, we have Blake Lively. Not only was Blake a leading character in Gossip Girl and have one of the most gorgeous husbands on the planet, but she is known around the world for her sense of style. She always seems to get it right, and she doesn’t have to thank anyone else for that, as she is her own stylist. She loves fashion and design, stating that it is her way to get creative. There are so many style tips you can learn from the actress, including don’t be scared of bright colours, colour coordinate your accessories, nip in the waist, and dress up your boyfriend jeans.

So there you have it: the most fashionable celebs who don’t use stylists. Are you surprised by any of the names mentioned?