So, you love traveling, and you wish to start a travel blog? That’s great news.    

Before you do, though, it’s imperative that you prepare yourself for the adventure ahead. The only way to do this is to be honest with yourself at all times. Asking yourself the series of questions below is the perfect starting point. And it can provide the direction needed to make the most of this new hobby.  

So, whether you’re brand new to blogging or merely want to start a new platform dedicated to travel, these 11 questions are just for you.   


 #1. Do You Have The Passion?

The thought of blogging is very attractive indeed. After all, what could be better than getting paid to give your thoughts on the best places around the globe?    

However, the reality won’t appeal to everyone. Writing a blog while you’re on a flight or train journey can be tiring while having one eye on your blog will dictate several aspects of your life. This is especially true when you’re actively out enjoying those adventures. Do not underestimate this for a second as blogging should enhance your life rather than restrict it.  

If you have a passion for writing and travel, it makes sense that this is the perfect side hustle. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you give it careful consideration before starting.  


#2. Does The Website Look Great?

Even if you aren’t looking to generate any revenue from the blog, you’ll want to attract readers. Most of them will judge your site within seconds of arriving. So, a big first impression is vital.  

The website design and layout is pivotal, and this includes the mobile optimization. Over half of all online interactions now take place via handheld screens, so getting this wrong is not an option. WordPress has plenty of templates for those without web design skills. When supported by an attractive logo, you won’t go far wrong.  

For the sake of a tiny payment, it’s worth buying your domain too. Not only will it look more professional; it’ll be easier for them to remember.    


#3. Do Your Photos Illustrate The Beauty Of The Places?

  It’s the oldest saying in the book, but a picture truly does paint a thousand words. The right imagery will bring blog posts to life. Besides, seeing those stunning places is something your readers want.  

Other website owners will often hire a professional photographer, which underlines the need to get this right. Investing in a decent DSLR camera is advised while mastering your smartphone camera will pay dividends too. Taking videos is another option that you should consider incorporating where possible. Even a few seconds can offer a unique insight.  

 Visual media is easier to digest and can capture the imagination, not least on social media. Truthfully, it could be your greatest asset.

 #4. Would You Read It?

 Finding a writing style is one of the hardest challenges facing any blogger. It can be very easy to pander and write what you think people want. Learning to write for yourself is vital.  

Even if you belong to a niche audience, there will be plenty of people that can relate to your character. Having an authentic voice is imperative for a travel blog as you’ll be giving opinions and thoughts as well as factual content. Besides, if the readers can buy into you as a person, they’ll be more likely to love the blog too.  

 If nothing else, writing posts with your happiness in mind will increase your personal enjoyment. This is vital if it’s going to succeed over the long haul.


#5. Are You Travelling Enough?

 It sounds a little obvious, but you cannot possibly build a successful blog without a steady flow of content. Therefore, it is imperative that you actually get out there and travel.  

There are several ways to make this happen. Relocating to a destination for a few weeks or months can be ideal, especially when you can work remotely. Finding a rental house in Singapore will underline how affordable this can be. Spending more time in a specific location will allow you to provide a far deeper level of insight to the readers.

Alternatively, you could take a cruise or tour to visit several destinations in a short space of time. Finally, you should not forget the local attractions around your current hometown. This can be great content.


#6. Could Guest Submissions Help?

  If your personal flow of content is lacking, either temporarily or permanently, you need to find a solution. While you may feel a little protective over your blog, allowing others to contribute guest posts could be the answer.  

Assuming the site looks good and has a good flow of traffic, new writers will contribute for free as it is a place to showcase their writing. This allows you to increase content flow without paying for additional trips. As long as you retain editorial control, nobody can ruin your site either.    

As guest writers encourage their friends to read the blog, some of them will be converted into fans of your writing too. This could be a telling factor when growing your audience.


 #7. Has Your Blog Got A Niche?

  Finding your writing style is one thing. This isn’t the only challenge, though, as travel is a very broad concept. Finding your place within the crowded market will boost your hopes of success.  

If you are planning to move as mentioned above, you could focus on this subject. Or perhaps you like to backpack across the globe with your partner. In this case, writing for couples is ideal. Even if your travel plans focus around following a sports team or competing in marathons, this added color takes your writing to the next level. Without it, things can seem bland.  

Besides, you’re never going to knock the biggest travel sites and publications off their perch. This is why seeing things from a unique perspective is vital.


 #8. Are The Places You Visit Worth Writing About?

Ok, so every destination is worth writing about. Nonetheless, most people know about the attractions of Vegas or the artistic value of a trip to Paris.    

There’s an entire world out there waiting to be explored. Sharing your authentic experiences of the Rio Carnival or trekking to Machu Picchu will excite readers. Meanwhile, touching on real issues (public transport, pickpockets, places to avoid) can be very useful. This way, readers will finish posts feeling informed as well as entertained. This can help them with their future travel plans.  

 This doesn’t mean you can’t visit the prominent tourist destinations. Nonetheless, mixing it up with an eclectic mix will create a far stronger product for your readers. This can only be good news for you.


 #9. Have You Monetized The Blog?

Creating a blog solely for the love of writing and travel is great. For most, though, the financial incentives are a key feature. If you fall into this category, you must learn to earn.  

Affiliate schemes are particularly good as you can link to travel agents or items that your users may find useful. The key when taking this option is to promote goods that you believe in. Otherwise, people will soon lose trust in you as a blogger. Other options include sponsored posts, merchandise, or charging for a holiday planning service. 

Once the money starts to roll in, finding the motivation to write becomes easier while you’ll have the funds to travel. It may even be possible to quit your current job at some stage. That’s the dream.


 #10. Are You Doing Enough To Promote The Blog?

 Financially and emotionally, your blog demands strong traffic figures. Unfortunately, with roughly 1.4 billion websites on the market, people won’t find it unless you tell them.  

Following the right protocols with regards to SEO is crucial. However, it’s equally vital to promote the blog on social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all great options while a YouTube may work wonders too. Teaming up with other bloggers is ideal too. After all, this is one business where competitors can share an audience without losing money.  

Getting people to visit your site is the hardest challenge of all. Once you’ve gained that traffic, the quality of your blog should keep them coming back for more.  



 #11. Do You No How To Push Things Forward?

 You’ve probably heard a lot about Google Analytics and other tools that could be used to aid your blog. Then again, if you see success already, there’s no need to learn these things. Right? Wrong.  

Getting to grips with those reports gives you in-depth insight that can be used to create a far better product. Meanwhile, you should never underestimate the value of asking for reader opinions. Online surveys let them do this anonymously while offering a prize to one lucky user is sure to encourage people to fill out those forms. Not all tips will be useful, but some could change everything.  

When combined with the various pieces of advice above, you’ll be sure to see truly wonderful results.