Uma by Raquel Davidowicz

Conceived by the couple Raquel and Roberto Davidowicz, UMA | Raquel Davidowicz first appeared in Sao Paulo, in 1995. Raquel is the creative head responsible for exclusive creations. Roberto, on the other hand is responsible for the whole operation, from finance to sales.

Always connected with arts, design and architecture they kept during these 20 years, its DNA. Timeless and sophisticated collections, with minimalist design, where culture meets fashion in a spontaneous way, attracting contemporary women and men. In 2008, UMA | Raquel Davidowicz has been consolidated in the market as an outstanding brand, joining São Paulo Fashion Week‘s runaway, the biggest Fashion Show in Brazil. In 2010 they initiates e-commerce operations and in 2015 their first store outside Brazil is opened: in New York, in the neighborhood of West Village, focusing in the internationalization of the brand.