Vernissage sayulitaAfter studying in France, Ghizlane & Sophie, who were childhood friends, have reconnected after eight years. They quickly understood that they were sharing a similar vision on design and could do something about it, as if both knew they would meet someday and start a project together. Then, they quit their job to create Sayulita Studio and to develop a way to share their vision of graphic and product design. Both creative studio and trend office, Sayulita Studio depicts itself as a colourful and peaceful spirit, like this small town in Mexico.

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As the studio is based in Morocco, I was wondering how they perceived the evolution of graphic design in emerging countries. Ghizlane explained that “visual design has to be developed even more in emerging countries like Morocco. It has already started with the birth of an important artistic community, although it has a lot to learn from the evolution of graphic design in Europe.” Having chosen to establish themselves in the largest city of Morocco, Ghizlane & Sophie were influenced by the cultural roots of the city. “Casablanca is a mix of occidental and oriental cultures that have coexisted together for a long time but not always in good conditions. The perpetual movements of the city inspire us”, said Ghizlane. Not only the duality of the culture but also architecture, nature or paintings are elements that trigger ideas to those design lovers. Geometrical shapes are also the base of Sayulita’s designs, they influence them into “infinite patterns”.


Words by Sonia Staali