Between all the madness of fashion events which have been covered on all the blogosphere, I love to think that independent designers have their own role to play. Don’t get me wrong, Haute Couture is a must to watch. However, most of us won’t be able to spend half of its price, so it is wiser to leave it into our own fantasy.

Yet, there are multiple ways to enjoy fashion other than watching a fashion show. For instance, navigating on the web can lead you from a site to another and therefore, you will ultimately make some interesting discoveries. Have you heard of Anthom?  This online boutique  propose you «under the radar» designers clothes and features exclusive capsule collections. The website plays the role of a gallery for a few independent designers from US and around the world. The particularity of this boutique is that it regroups unique designers who offer distinctive minimalist designs.

By Sonia Staali


Handbag: Jujumade Handbags & Ceramics, 245$


Clear Perspex Box Clutch, 120$


Sweater: Masha Reva X SNDCT, 195$   Shoes: Ten & Co, 180$


Crocodile embossed Leather Clutch: Gift Shop Brooklyn, 64$    Italian Leather Clutch: Giovanna Giuliani, 75$


Will Anthom be a part of your latest web finds?





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