Wedding anniversaries are definitely a special occasion to celebrate and commemorate, but it can be hard to think of the perfect gift to give on such a significant day. Each year has a traditional or modern theme assigned to it, and it is customary to give gifts which fit those guidelines. Some years can be a lot easier to buy for than others, and this can be a struggle when you want to get something special. Whether it is your own wedding anniversary you are buying for, or that of a family member or loved one, here are a few ideas of traditional anniversary gifts to get you started.

First anniversary: Paper

Luckily, the theme for the first year is not too expensive. A great gift idea for this occasion might be to create a scrapbook. You can make your design personal and fun, and include pictures and moments which commemorate the couples first year of marriage together. Have a look online to get a few tips on scrapbooking if this is something you have never done before.

Second anniversary: Cotton

The easiest way to incorporate cotton into an anniversary gift is in the form of clothing. If you are buying for your spouse, get them an item of clothing you know they are likely to wear, even if it is just cotton socks. If you are buying for another couple, you could go down the slightly cheesy route and buy them matching items, if you think this is something they would enjoy. For that extra special touch, why not get your purchases personalized and have them embroidered.

Fifth anniversary: Wood

There are plenty of items you can purchase which are wood, from furniture to ornaments. However, if you are trying to find an extra special gift, why not go for a personalized

wood burned piece of artwork. Pyrography is a technique used to decorate wood by burning a design onto the surface with a heated piece of metal. Bespoke designs can be created and crafted onto the wood, so that you end up with an artistic and original end result, perfect to commemorate a fifth wedding anniversary.

Tenth anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

Similar to the fifth anniversary, the best way to incorporate tin or aluminum into a gift is through artwork. There are a range of creative gift ideas which you can consider to celebrate 10 years of marriage, which incorporate metal in some way. For example, instead of the usual bunch of flowers you might give to your spouse, you could instead present them with a hand-crafted aluminum or tin rose.

Twenty-fifth anniversary: Silver

After twenty-five years of marriage, you will want something particularly special to honor such a long partnership. Instead of going for the expected gifts, such as jewelry or household items, why not buy something a little more unique: coinsoffer the option to design your very own commemorative coins. Get your coin cast in silver, and it will be the perfect way to remember a long and happy marriage, and is something that can be carried long into the future.

The most important aspect of choosing an anniversary gift, is making it something personal that a happily married couple will be able to cherish for years to come. Don’t worry so much about the price of your gift, just put thought and consideration into making it the perfect present to honor such special occasions as these.