Unique Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Next Design

We’re used to creating a mood board or looking at other designs for inspiration. While these methods are known to be highly effective, there is actually a lot you can do to garner ideas for your next creation. In this part, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most unique ways to find inspiration for your next design.

Photo by Thechive.com

Go Travel

Traveling to new places can be a great way to find inspiration; a lot of inspiration, to be exact. There are a lot of great places to visit across the globe. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to travel, thanks to deals and special offers now widely available. Asia is a particularly interesting continent to visit. Countries like Thailand and Indonesia are notoriously beautiful and very cultural. You will see new patterns, admire gorgeous landscapes and bring home a lot of ideas – and photographs – for you to process. European countries can be very interesting, too. instead of visiting known tourist destinations, try to visit smaller cities and blend in with the locals. Airbnb and other similar services can help you find accommodation no matter where you are.

Browse the Web

If traveling is not an option, then the internet is the next best thing. There are a lot of great sites to explore other than those you regularly visit. Don’t hesitate to try new things. You can, for example, find new sources of funny pictures and simply let yourself get carried away by the endless content you find on these websites. Alternatively, you can give VR and 360 videos a try. There are cheap VR headsets you can pick up for almost nothing. You can then use your phone as a screen and find 360-ready videos on YouTube and other websites. You’ll be amazed by how much different the experience of watching a 360 video or VR content can be. Speaking of videos, there is no shortage of things to watch these days. YouTube has millions of new videos uploaded every day. Don’t hesitate to be a bit random and explore videos from other countries, too. Japanese videos can be very funny, even when you don’t understand the language.

Back to Nature

Lastly, you can find inspiration by going back to nature. Go for a bit of an adventure and tackle challenges to get your spirit up. A simple walk in the park can be both relaxing and enlightening. A hiking trip is a good option to consider if you want to enjoy more challenges.
One of the reasons why adventures are inspirational is because you’re also exercising along the way. A hiking trip to a nearby mountain or exploring a nature trail can do so much more than make you feel better, more positive, and ready to create great designs.
Of course, you can always browse through our Webtorials and other posts we have here on Flanelle to get inspired. Be sure to check back regularly if you want to see the latest and greatest from top designers.