A deeper look into the vision of Christine Charlebois, WANT Les Essentiels’ newly appointed Creative Director

By Lorenza Mezzapelle

Founded in 2007, WANT Les Essentiels was created with the goal of designing practical and genderless luxury essentials, suitable for a modern lifestyle. The brand has since gained elite status, and become synonymous with form and function.

Christine Charlebois, the brand’s new Creative Director, is eager to revisit the values that helped WANT garner it’s status and omnipresence; placing it among the ranks of highly desired international fashion brands Acne Studios and Jil Sanders, among others.

“Being able to live to the fullest with only the contents of your bag is the ultimate minimal lifestyle. A very rich way to live in its simplest expression,” says Charlebois, who is inspired by the brand’s heritage in travel, design and architecture. She aims to reinvision the notion of being fully sufficient with the minimum, particularly as it applies to a nomadic lifestyle.

Christine Charlebois graduated from Central Saint Martins, and has since travelled the globe and held numerous design and management positions in the fashion industry. From Belgium to the United Kingdom, her journey in the arts has guided her back to Montreal, where she aims to build up her vision, in alignment with that of the WANT brand.

In close parallel with WANT Les Essentiels’ ethos, Charlebois’ perspective is rooted in a deep respect towards craftsmanship and slow-fashion. Through this approach, she intends on reinforcing the centuries-old belief of collaboration; strengthening the connection between fashion, design, and numerous art-based practices and disciplines that inspire and influence WANT.

Under Charlebois’ direction, the brand has recently partnered with New York-based designer Misha Kahn on a series of ‘garage sale-inspired’ window displays at WANT Apothecary’s NoMad Hotel location. Moreover, WANT’s new location in Las Vegas, at the Wynn Hotel’s luxury shopping gallery, was co-designed by Charlebois, and features an interesting contrast and selection of pieces of both contemporary and vintage design; exquisitely embodying WANT’s focus on timely and savvy design.

Charlebois aims to break down gender barriers through her designs and through her curation of retailers offered under the brand’s retail portfolio, in the Apothecary locations.

WANT: Autumn-Winter 2019

Alongside Christine Charlebois’ innovative and community-based design process, is a greater, more open, and inclusive goal; she hopes to allow the brand to demonstrate the notion that a product can become a platform for greater discussion. 

Christine Charlebois’ first collection for WANT: Autumn-Winter 2019, will be released in the Fall at WANT Apothecary locations and retailers worldwide.