You might all meet up once a week on a regular basis for a fun evening together. Then again, you might find that you can only see one another once a month, perhaps even less than that. No matter how often you manage to find the time for a great girls’ night out, you’ll want to look your best. Here are some tips on how to dress for the occasion.

Dark Wash Jeans

Jeans truly are the most versatile item you’ll have in your closet. You can wear a pair to go to a club, bar, or restaurant, to try out a Syracuse escape room, to go to the theater or the cinema – you can wear jeans to do anything and go anywhere.

The key to making them look great for your girls’ night out is to opt for a dark wash. The darker the jeans, the more slimming they look, plus darker jeans are dressier so you’ll feel more comfortable wearing them to go out. There are so many different styles of jeans and the one for you will depend on your body shape. Skinny jeans are popular but they’re not for everyone, and if that’s the case for you, why not try a slight flare or boot cut?

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Make The Top Interesting

Try to keep your bottom half as plain as possible so that your top half can be the star. Choose a bright pattern or color for your t-shirt, sweater or blouse if you can, but if you prefer to be more subtle, then just go for an interesting color or a different kind of fabric; something shiny always stands out and makes a good impression.

Leave It Hanging

Although it’s important to be comfortable, it’s best not to tuck your top into your pants if you can help it. It’s a much more flattering look to leave your top hanging out and so you’ll feel less self-conscious about it and enjoy your evening more. To add a little variety and to show off your figure, you can always wear a belt (thin or thick is fine) if you like that idea.

Put Your Heels On

High heels are not something you should be wearing every day because they are bad for your back, hips, and legs amongst other things. However, wearing them every now and then for a fun night out is a great idea. Heels can make or break your outfit and can turn casual wear into something much smarter. If you can’t wear heels because they hurt too much, compromise with a pair of wedge shoes instead.


Whatever you choose to wear don’t forget your accessories. Jewelry is an important part of any outfit, so once you know what you’re wearing, you can find pieces of jewelry to match. If you have a favorite piece, then why not flip things and find an outfit that matches the jewelry instead? Don’t overdo it; one or two statement pieces will be enough.

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