When emotions run wild

”This photo shoot took place in an old abandoned warehouse in St. Remi, Montreal. It was dirty,grungy and a complete mess but it had so much potential for creativity that we just had to do it! I have worked with model Alfred before and we met up on Facebook and decided that we wanted to work together again. He presented me with some images that showcased vulnerability and emotion. I was instantly inspired and we booked our shooting day.

In addition to feeling so inspired, I decided to contact videographer Thalia Herrera (My 11.11 Production), to see if she would like to do a behind the scenes capture of the shoot. I have also worked with Thalia before and when I presented her with the idea, she was hooked.” – Nicole

Whole photoshoot in Flanelle Magazine’s October Issue.

Nicole Small : Photographer
Model: Alfred V Desjardins (Specs Agency)
Videographer: Thalia Herrera ( MY 11.11 Production)

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