Text from wildfox blog

This shoot was inspired by Juliet Capulet’s bedroom if she had been alive in the 90s, lived in Verona and starred on The Real World. The beautiful Marianne Fonseca goes un-retouched for a dreamy, realistic vibe.

“Inspired by those dreamy, romantic nights in Juliet’s lavish Italian bedroom, Wildfox presents a new collection of intimates. Spun of soft, 90’s-inspired velvet, this new collection is laden with beautiful prints and soft textures. Decadent and a tiny bit daring, Wildfox Intimates are for the most poetic of girls — the girls who lives for romance, who lay in bed collaging Polaroids of the ocean, who memorize constellations, scribble poetry across blank pages of homemade paper, love their cat more than anything, and hang curtains of pink lace. The ones who pair nose rings and Doc Martens with floral bras, swim naked, sleep on soft, white blankets in the living room, and dip strawberries in chocolate. This collection is for girls who only have whiskey in the freezer, milk and leftover cheesecake in the fridge, dream constantly, and love to gaze at the canals from their window in Venice. They bike everywhere, kiss strangers and waltz through the house to Frank Sinatra on vinyl.

This is the girl who wears pajamas to a party, or a bra over her t-shirt — the girl who loves dancing in her underwear, cooking in an apron and panties, and starting games of strip poker with her friends. You’ve met her before, maybe you’ve had sleepovers at her house. You’ve seen her clothes strewn all over the bathroom, admired dainty bras hanging from antique lampshades, you’ve laughed about boys as she sat in cloud print underwear and did her makeup in front of a beautiful vanity.

She’s always in love; she is afraid of nothing. Maybe she’s your closest friend… or maybe she’s you.”

Photos: Kimberley Gordon
Model: Marianne Fonseca
Hair: Anna Lee Fiorino
Makeup: Tsipporah Liebman
Styling: Leilani Shimoda, Kimberley Gordon
Concept: Emily Faulstich, Kimberley Grodon, Leilani Shimoda
Executive PRoducer: Jimmy Sommers