So let’s be honest here for a minute. When do you get your creative ideas ? Sitting behind your desk, or doing some off-work task such as driving, daydreaming or drinking wine at a friend’s ? Having fun and feeling good DOES make a difference when it comes to creativity. In a dark, messy room, usually your thoughts get lost or are not at their best. Don’t forget natural light ! It keeps your mood fresh and lively, unless you are one of those serial killers or vampires that live in the dark, then that’s fine too..

Also, working at home can sometime be difficult. You take more time cooking, and then you come with your coffee, nobody to kick you in the butt, to boss you around, facebook, hotmail and open (yea, we have been spying on you)

Having an environment that makes you want to create, makes it easier for you and your work.

Here are some ideas of workplace designs. 

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