By Sonia Staali

It is always hard to renew our ideas of christmas gifts. Even with all the suggestions you get from your favorite stores.What about if you offer a gift that has an inspiring message that will be reminded through the year. Something unique that comes from another country. You will be sure to be the one that offers something different. There is more to offer than bath products, candles, pajamas and socks.

We always say we will start the new year with the best resolutions. We even take the time to write them down and hide them somewhere we usually forget. Here a good reminder for someone who always put stuff for later.

From Italy, Deadpancharm’s company, on Etsy


We should further support eco-friendly brands, mostly when the products are little pieces of art. Made of paper and cardboard, those jewelry are highly stylish.

From India, HippieKingdom, on Etsy


Ipad case? Yeah, you may have seen them all, BUT this one is very special. Inspired by Russian ornaments, the creator of this brand makes her designs from natural materials. Here is an Ipad case that will be convenient to offer to the person who has it all.

From Brazil, GalaBorn, on Etsy


We never have enough bracelets. Especially when they come in a lot of beautiful colors. Choose the quote that suits best and another gift is done.

From England, Oh Someday, on Etsy


Good luck with the rest of your gift list!