The living room is one of the most multipurpose spaces within the home. After all, it is the room you will likely spend time in every day watching TV, socializing, reading, or enjoying another form of entertainment.

However, many people fail to create a space that complements their different daily needs. Avoid this pitfall with the following guide to creating a functional yet stylish living room.

Switch Up Your Interior With a Modular Sofa

A modular sofa can open up your room and provide greater flexibility. The modular design will enable you to create a sofa in the shape you desire — switch the style to match your need or mood. A modular sofa can adapt to your lifestyle so you can switch up the style when hosting friends for coffee or when relaxing with your family.

Create a Designated Play Area

Your home’s rooms will likely be filled with seemingly endless stashes of toys if you have children. Rather than letting the toys detract from your interior design, create a designated play area inside your living room. Add a colorful rug for the kids to play on and separate the area off with a room divider. This would allow your kids to have fun under your supervision without taking over the entire space.

Add an Ottoman

Multi-functional furniture makes for a wise investment, as it can provide more space within the home. An ottoman would serve as a stylish feature and a comfy seat in your living room, and it would also provide a space to hide away a variety of belongings, such as children’s toys, board games, blankets or books.

Install a Dimmer Switch

The lighting you choose can determine your home’s atmosphere. If you would like to change the ambiance to reflect your mood or an occasion, you should consider installing a dimmer switch. For instance, if you want to immerse yourself in a TV series or movie with your other half, dim the lighting to create a cozy environment. Alternatively, you could shine a light on your beautiful interior by increasing a room’s brightness when hosting friends for drinks.

Use Your Vertical Space

If your living room is a little on the small size, you could increase its style and functionality by utilizing more vertical space. For example, you could free up floor space by mounting your TV onto the wall, and you could increase storage space by adding shelving, bookshelves, and cabinets.

Storage baskets and boxes will ensure every item has a place within the home — as well as saving space, you’ll be able to find your belongings with ease. You could also swap floor lamps for modern spotlights or wall lighting.


A multi-functional living can improve the look and feel of your home. Instead of struggling with space or sticking with the same style, you can invest in products that will provide greater flexibility in the home. This will ensure your living room appears stylish, practical, and clutter-free each day, so you will continue to impress your guests.