Text by Arezou Ossareu
Photos @omenut.studio

Arezou Ossareh, founder KÖWLI Shop, is an Iranian- Canadian, who was born and raised in Tehran, Iran and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2007.  After immigrating to Canada, she went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Biomaterial Engineering, followed by a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Toronto. She works, to this day, in the pharmaceutical field.

Her love for travelling and fashion has always been a driving force in her life. ”While travelling to different countries around the world, I have always been excited to immerse myself within the culture and to collect locally designed items that authentically represent their origins. Specifically, I have been interested in ancient Middle Eastern art, integrated with elements of modern design. ” she tells Flanelle.

After finishing her Master’s degree in Canada, she decided to return to Iran. During her visit to Iran, she was introduced to many emerging local Iranian fashion designers. When she returned back to Canada, she would receive endless compliments on her handmade Iranian pieces, so that was when she started to consider how she could bring Middle Eastern fashion to Canada.  She realized that many of these fantastic designers were not adequately represented. Many of the designer’s talents were sadly going unrecognized as they did not have the financial capability of selling online. That’s when she decided that she wanted to help empower these Middle Eastern designers and decided to create a platform where their talents could be shown to the world. “My mission is to introduce, support and respect these artists’ designs through KÖWLI Shop. I want to make a difference in the fashion community by helping incredibly talented, emerging designers.” She tells Flanelle.

Today, her love for fashion, art, culture and collaboration has brought together what was once a vision into a reality. Her journey has brought together unique Middle Eastern designers to Canada to connect them with people who are seeking products that tell a story.  

“KÖWLI brand is dedicated to curating timeless, wearable art with a unique story to tell.”

KÖWLI Shop is a platform that is bridging the gap between Middle Eastern designers, fashion enthusiasts and wearable art. In the past few years, the Middle East has witnessed a growing wave of young designers who have created unique collections, making powerful statements inspired by the region’s rich, diverse culture. KÖWLI Shop takes you on a journey from the East to the West to showcase this unique fashion. “Every designer and their products are carefully curated; the main goal is to choose designers that can add one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art to your wardrobe that you will cherish for years to come. KÖWLI Shop is not interested in trends that fade; we provide conversational pieces that are timeless.” She tells Flanelle.

The name KÖWLI is taken from the Persian word that refers to gypsies who are known for their nomadic and colourful lifestyle, fashion and ornaments. KÖWLI’s are known for creating handmade rugs, clothing and jewelry that tell a story. Each design is created from memory and influenced by the weaver’s personality and experiences, each item is unique, and with a design that has a clear and distinctive voice. KÖWLI Shop is inspired by this lifestyle. 

KÖWLI Shop seek to create a dialogue between independent Middle Eastern designers and those who appreciate individuality and want products that make a statement. KÖWLI Shop is founded on the belief that behind every culture’s fashion, there is a story, and that story is about people. Wearing these eclectic designer’s pieces empowers you to learn the story behind their designs, their inspiration, materials, and production. This can connect you, the consumer, to the people, places, and ideas that give life to the products, granting you a voice and a valued opinion. 

Website: www.kowlishop.com 
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