In physics, there are many examples confirming that our nature is dual.
In our world, all objects and phenomena are binary. Whatever phenomenon we take, in each of them must be ambiguity, two forces, good and evil.
Inseparable from man there is the possibility of combining in him a low and a high, insignificant and great, mean and noble.
Duality is showing that in the main character co-exist at the same time the good intention to live among nature and protect her and selfish dream to surround yourself with all the gifts of nature in the form of plants and fruit. The ongoing internal struggle between good and evil, life and death are in everyone. This is the reason for the duality of human nature.

Stylist: Alena Zeifert
Flower Arranger/Food Stylist/Fine Artist: Margo Fayzulina
Creative Director/Photographer/Retoucher: Elizaveta Belalova
Female Model: Anastasiya Strugacheva
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Toma Trofimova