This is more of a the-morning-after article. As I will be working for my part-time job the next morning, and am planning to look healthy and not at all disgusting is a old-alchool-smelly-way, I thought my little tricks would be useful for some of you. Here’s a little context : you are working at 8hAM and have 45 minutes to get ready. (Originally you have planned to get up 1h before but, those 15 minutes of sleep where really needed.


7h15: You need something drastic. Wash your face and exfoliate softly your skin. Then, rinse it  ice cold water.

  • The cold water will close your pores, bring back some blood into your cheeks and, sincerely, a coffee will just not do the trick alone. The exfoliation is needed to remove all the dead cells from your skin, giving you a healthy-er look.

7h20: Lots and lots of hydrating cream.

  • If you have lots and lots of choices, use a light cream full of vitamins. For hangovers, I use Skin-Energetic by Biotherm, which give back some color to my skin. Also, there is coffee in the ingredients.

7h25: Drink a glass of water

  • I hated hearing that water can matter in a skincare routine but, after trying, I found out it does.

7h27: For the next step, I recommend you go shopping. Recently I have bought this amazing concealer from Walt Mart’s named Glamoflauge from the HardCandy brand. This is the most covering concealer I have ever seen (and I have tried MAC’s, Yves St-Laurent’s, Lise Watier’s). It can cover tattoos and birthmarks !

7h30: After the concealer, you need to work the healthy looking skin.

  • Put some bronzer, a little lightening cream on the cheeks, below the eyebrows and a tiny line under the eye. 

7h45 : For your hair, which you probably did not have cleaned, being to busy sleeping, I recommend dry shampoo. Other than absorbing the oil, it also gives a great volume to your hair.

  • Then, you can try easy/fast hairdo such as the half ponytail (tied up with a ribbon, it can be really cute), a trait. Either way, you should avoid anything tight on your head (which would bring the attention back to your tired face). 

7h55: Last chance for a breakfast

  • Fruits or whole-wheat cereals or toast. Avoid any greasy food, your liver already struggles with all the alcohol you drank last night, give it a break. Furthermore, an apple as the same effect on the energy level the coffee does.
    You are not hungry ? Grab some for your break. Trust me, you will need it. 


Now, knowing you will be able to survive the next morning, enjoy the starts of the new year! Best wishes!


Written by Ruby-Maude Rioux