About Jurianne Matter

The beginning?
I was born in 1964. The child of free-spirited parents, I grew up in a large medieval house in an historic town-centre on the river IJssel. Basic ingredients of my childhood were: music, art, craft, nature and the pioneering Waldorf school.

And then?
I became a troublesome adolescent lacking direction, with the only constant in my life being making beautiful things! Wherever I lived, whatever I studied, and whatever work I did: design always surfaced.

Only when I reached my late twenties was I able to give this some direction: I attended the recently founded Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam. This is where my initial feel for design and styling finally was able to take real shape.

In 2008 I started my own label, initially only with paper designs. I immediately thought big, producing on a large scale, because I believed in what I was doing. One way or another, the designs struck a chord: paper, craft, rituals, traditions, Nordic prints…it was a success. Besides continually developing my collection for my own business, I also enjoy working for other companies. Because the target group is often a little different to my own Jurianne customer, I’m able to wander a little off-course. Great for my creative development!

Greatest source of inspiration?
Nature. Nature is my beautiful, whimsical muse. Never a dull moment! I see berries, wonderful branches, the stripes in the landscape and strange structures in the moss. Everything can be translated into a colour palette, a shape or a graphic pattern.

Favourite material?
I can’t choose, there are four! Textile, paper, ceramic and wood.

The basis of a design?
Colour, absolutely. This is always my starting point. Before I start designing, I put together an extensive mood board with a colour palette. This mood board with colour samples acts as my anchor during the design process.

Why always eco?
Very simple: I don’t want to earn money at the expense of nature or my fellow human beings. I’m not actually such an environmental activist. But beautiful is I believe only beautiful if it is honest and clean too.