Machete began when Atlanta designer Jennifer Matchett was in search of the perfect pair of tortoiseshell earrings. Seeing a gap in the jewelry market, she decided to create her own earrings and started with a few pairs made from deadstock acetate. From there interest in her designs flourished and Machete was officially launched in 2017.

All of Machete’s earrings posts are faceted with hypoallergenic stainless steel and handmade in Italy. Using alternative eco-friendly materials, like cellulose acetate, a natural, renewable material, Machete remains an industry leader in sustainable design. The name “Tortoise” in our earrings is only to describe the material pattern. We do not use actual tortoise shells or other animal parts to produce our jewelry. The Machete customer loves mixing modern and classic style. She believes in curating every day pieces but also is not afraid to play with color. Machete is modern, distinct & eco-friendly