Black Friday is the time of the year when the best deals surface. Although the holidays may now seem somewhat commercial, there is this materialistic but true love in gifting to your friends and family during that time. It doesn’t need to be something big or expensive, but it’s definitely the thought that counts. But for some people ( including me ) finding the perfect gift is a real work of art and can be quite challenging. Most of the time, the easiest thing is to grab a bottle of wine or champagne and call it a day… and it’s mostly always appreciated, but will be consumed in a few hours and your gift will be long gone.

The first thing you should be doing is to find the type of personality the person you want to give the gift to has. Is that person very masculine or feminine? Do they like material gifts or will they prefer something you create with your own hands? Will they enjoy something humorous or prefer a serious gift that they will be able to cherish for a long time? What is this person’s core values? Are they eco-conscious or only want something ethical? Do they have a specific style, are they picky?

After finding the personality, then you need to figure out your budget. It may seem obvious at first, but it can be easy to start venturing into luxury products or more expensive ideas at some point in your research and end up paying way too much. When you find your budget, give yourself a minimum and maximum and stick to it so you can decide on the type of product you want to give. Gifts don’t need to be expensive to be appreciated.

If you have absolutely no budget at all, we suggest you start creating something with your own hands. There are mugs sold online that you can actually design by uploading a photo of you and your friend or simply by writing something fun on it. And if you are not good at anything, a simple card with thoughtful words will always be better than nothing.  

It is also amazing to send something local – or help out a small business at the same time. It can sometimes be a treasure hunt, but you can ask your friends, go to your local market or search the web for specifics things that are made by artisans in your area. You can also search to find a designer in your area who makes soap, candles, linens, etc.

If you have a small budget, you can either do your research in small local businesses or if you are busy and want to find something quick, you can always find something on the big websites such as Amazon or Walmart.

Another great idea is to find the perfect accessory or jewelry. There are a bunch of small earrings, cool necklaces, or statement watches that are always well-received and do not need to be ultra-expensive. If you were looking for an ethical company that has partnered with three charitable organizations, focusing on different global issues, you can find some amazing Nordgreen Best Black Friday Deals online for both him or her, making it a statement piece for years to come, and is a great middle-price gift.

Last but not least, Black Friday is reputable for its deals on technology and electronics. If you are looking to purchase a laptop, a computer, an iPad, a television, or headphones, you should definitely wait each year for the perfect moment to get them on Black Friday as you’ll be able to deal the best for your bucks. As electronics can be quite expensive, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars per product. Make sure to do your research, however, as some deals will be better than others.

Our extra gift idea, however, isn’t found necessarily on Black Friday only. Some places like hotels, spas, and restaurants will also have some specials on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or start advertising specials for the month of December. This is a great time, especially since most people will have some kind of vacation during the holidays, to plan a special moment, an adventure with your loved one, or simply a moment to relax at the spa and get a massage.

In the end, whether you are buying a gift for a friend or for yourself, take the time to analyze the type of product you want to purchase, make sure not to go over your budget, pick quality items or create a unique gift, even on a zero to low budget. The holidays are not meant to simply gift others, but to enjoy your time with family and friends, share a meal and remind your loved one how much they mean to you.