Doing The Most in 2019

By Brenda Odria


When face rollers started trending, I think most people were a little skeptical, as we usually are with something that promises to rejuvenate our skin. Yet influencers picked it up and so did the rest of the beauty enthusiasts. Do you ever ask yourself if you need this smooth stone to roll on your face? I mean don’t we all just do whatever IntoTheGloss tells us to do anyway?

I couldn’t help but wonder if there was some deeper metaphysical reason as to why “self care” was not only necessary but erotic. Does it mean more than just doing a face mask while drinking wine in a bath?

After a deepdive into self-care blogs, it occured to me that this is not anything new but rather it has almost been co-opted to fit any form of self-preservation sometimes even indulgence. But let’s talk about the former, this idea of self-preservation suggests performing rituals- like skincare- to cleanse both the face and the mind. This idea of self-preservation can mean much needed relaxation or conditions to put yourself in an optimal mindset for day-to-day function. There is comfort in routine, especially when it makes you feel luxurious. It is a way to combat anxiety by putting yourself first. It is important to generate your own process of “self-care” that is unique and works for you. That can be a balanced social schedule with your close friends, netflix or shopping. There is an element of indulgence when you say no to going out and decide to spend time with yourself.

There has been a sudden popularization of self-care, with influencers sporting facemasks in selfies and telling us their skin-care routines. This may be a common association for most people, so let’s talk about it. Maybe it’s the acne you had in middle school that has made you so dependant on cleansers, or your dry spots everytime you go home for the holidays that made you dependant on moisturizer. Whatever it is, it seems like your twenties are the perfect time to invest in a little skincare or in other words, self care. “Self care” is healing and that’s where I’m at in my understanding. It seems there is a psychological element associated with it, it syncs up with this idea of “disconnecting”, from the world. The performance of social media has us directly tied to a persona and self care is the pause button. It may help you distinguish yourself from your online self, to isolate yourself to what you truly enjoy.

Ring in the new year by putting yourself first. Self care is performing these rituals in order to perform as the best version of yourself. What makes you happier and more productive?