Any decorative element that can add to the beauty of your clothes can be called a fashion accessory. For example, jewellery, bags, hats, belts, sunglasses, watches, jackets, scarves and shoes are all fashion accessories. Here are seven easy ways to select the right fashion accessories:

  • Find something timeless- trends come and go in the fashion industry. It can be tiresome and expensive to change your look completely. It makes sense to do so with clothes- heavy winter wear as opposed to light summer clothes. But it’s better for accessories to work around the year. Seldom is an accessory more timeless than pearls. There’s been no come back for pearls- they have never really gone away. Pearls go well with shell jewellery, with classic metals like gold and silver, in an elegant setting, like a tiara or a brooch or in something trendy like a chunky bracelet. There’s really no piece of jewellery or moment in your life where pearls are not suitable. Like pearls, choose an accessory that is timeless. The classic black bag, the sensible all-weather pumps, the watch that goes with everything, are some things that you can do.
  • Think about what works for you- large rings are great but what kind of fingers do you have? If they are short and on the thick side, large rings won’t work. You will need something slim and thin to give an illusion of length. The same applies for sunglasses. The trend is towards angular glasses. Do they suit your face? If not, stick to the goggles you use and are comfortable with.
  • Don’t do too much- if you’re going big with the accessories, keep them to a small number- a chunky bracelet and a big neckpiece, perhaps. It’s jarring if you do these two and thick earrings too. Less is more, in the world of beautiful, stylish jewellery.
  • Don’t play the matching game- no, your bag does not have to match your shoes or your belt or some design element in your outfit. For example, a bright bag goes better with muted footwear. What you should be matching though, is your gloves and some colour in your ensemble. Maybe the jacket or the belt. It could even coordinate with your lipstick.
  • Footwear choices- if you’re buying shoes, think about your wardrobe. Do you have mostly light colours? Then go with light shades and ditch the black heels. This rule should also extend to your work wear and leisure wear. The colours and styles determine what shoe can work best.
  • Don’t be scared to experiment- a linen shift can look classy with pearls and fun with bright coloured beads. Your wardrobe can be both looks, with just a change of accessories. Do mix it up so you have more versatility in your look.
  • Watch talk- it’s incredibly hard to connect watch and evening gown, so think about this. A platinum or vintage look might work better. Or you might choose to go without a watch and stick to bracelets to complete your evening look. If you’re in a cold climate, leather is better than cool metal.