I don’t know why, but it always seems to surprise me when the resort collections comes out. As if summer put me in some kind of blur, disconnected with the news, Resort Collections have the exact opposite effect : it brings me back to life (you know, real life).


Here are my favorite outfits from the Resort Collections of 2014 and (two bird one stone) my favorite trends.


Zac by Zac Posen

I love the mix of colour with the hair, lipstick and especially thcoat. Metallic colours are the natural next step to the latest gold and silver trends and let our wardrobe move over to a more colourful, playful look.





Great swimsuit that represent an equality between sweet and sexy. ++ I love the mix of patterns.






Sonia Rykiel

I instantly love the sweetness of Sonia Rykiel’s collection compared to all those colourful, mix of patterns we have seen in lots of shows. And, while the first dress screams little french girl, I love the eccentric/chic look of the skirt below.






Peter Pilotto

Some say if you look at the dress too long, you will get caught in a inter intertemporal black hole. Seriously, I love the effect «mirror in a mirror» of this timeless dress.






First, I love the shoes. Second, I love easy-to-wearness of the dress.




Louis Vuitton

I don’t know why but cape has a power over me. I just can’t help it.





This dress just makes me dream.




House of Holland

The prints are just awesome and I love the two dress make with them.





That look is a great example of the sporty/chic look. It is a great way to democratize gold.






I love the revealing lace and the perfection of those simple shoes.





Alexander Wang

I love the flounce over flounce look (but which is not recommended to anyone who is not model thin). Also, the leather jacket is to die for (because you would have the honour to be burry in it).

alexanderwang_009_2000_159961598_north_552x alexanderwang_003_2000_959856294_north_552x



Mary Katranzou

The visual effect of this dress is interesting and makes me wonder if every rectangle is an image. With the coat it looks great but, separately, I’m not sure I would like the coat as much.



All the pictures have been taken from here : http://en.vogue.fr/fashion-shows# (where you can also find the entire shows from every designer)


Written by Ruby-Maude