Get ready to see the name Harris Reed all over the fashion scene.

By Molly Rampulla

At 23 years old and 6 foot 7 inches, Harris Reed is on his way to becoming the next big name in fashion. Working alongside Harry Lambert and Alessandro Michele, Reed is bringing a new look to to fashion scene with his non-binary designs. His goal to create fashion that starts conversation is the exact reason he’ll be sticking around for a long time.

Harris Reed: the 23 year-old designer about to take the fashion world by storm. “Glam rock gone non-binary.” is how GQ’s Jonathan Heaf describes designer Harris Reed’s aesthetic. Reed, born in California to an American mother and English father, is a 23-year-old fresh out of fashion school. But not just any fashion school, Central Saint Martins, who’s alumni include Zac Posen, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. Reeds fascination with fashion began at a young age. He’s said that he used to drape large blankets over his little sister and make her perform fashion shows. Reeds big brake came when he was approached by Harry Lambert, best known as being the stylist to Harry Styles. Reed designed five custom outfits for Styles world tour. From Manila to Sao Paulo to Boston his designs where worn all over by the modern day rockstar, and they fit that title. All of the looks had a very similar glam rock look.

The ruffled tops and sleeves with bootcut trousers made for a very pirate chic vibe. Not to stray from the brand Reed has created for himself, they all had the genderless aspect evident in all his designs. The femininity of the pink and sparkles with the masculinity of his exposed chest and black pants made for the perfect mix. Reed has said John Galliano is one of his biggest inspirations. Not that their designs have similar aesthetics, Reed takes his inspiration from the way he transforms his models into new people with his designs. Since then Reed has done designs for Sophie Turner in the Sucker music video, Tommy Dorfman, and Troye Sivan. Along with designing Reed is now working with Gucci on their new fragrance, Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur. The fragrece is genderless, much like Reeds designs. He will be in the campaign alongside Harry Styles, Ariana Papademetropoulos and Leslie Winer. It hits stores August 1st.

Photos :
Harris Reed – Designer
Marcus Schaefer – Photographer
Harry Lambert – Fashion Editor/Stylist
Kota Suizu – Hair Stylist
Kristina Ralph Andrews – Makeup Artist
Lisa Jahovic – Set Designer
Leila Hartley – Casting Director
Leila Hartley – Producer
Harris Reed – Model
For The Sunday Times Style Magazine UK