Spring is in the air, and summer is coming. You can feel it, like a solar mood. You are walking in the streets, sun is shining, terraces are full, balconies too. In only two weeks, you can already feel the change. Nature is blooming, you can ride by bike, go to the park. Sun is illuminating streets and people.
You feel this energy outside, a contagious energy.
You feel this fresh trend into street style, people are wearing and sharing this radiating, happy and positive yellow.
A bright yellow that you can find in a lot of looks, a hot yellow, high in vitamins.
Spotted yellow fashion details in the streets and fashion weeks.
An intense, burning and saturated yellow, like the Van Gogh Sunflowers and corn fields paintings.
Wanna feel this fashion beautiful energy all day, so wear it.

Two manners to shine:
Wear yellow like a touch in your look associated with basic clothes. It is chic and sparky. You can play with it, a top, a skirt, jacket, bag, shoes, necklace… as you want. The yellow match really well with elegant neutrals colors like white, dark blue, black and beige.
Or you can dare to wear a yellow total look. It is really graceful with transparent, soft, light fabrics and fluid shape.

Yellow is intense and strong, so play with subtle contrasts: In touch with neutrals colors or a color block look with voluptuous fabrics.

Shine bright in your style!


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– Marine Senges –