A playful autumn is coming to Poches & Fils: the Quebec company that has brought back the pockets of the day launches this autumn not less than 18 new pockets, 4 pairs of stockings, 2 new colors of long-sleeved t-shirt and dresses (royal blue and teal) and a new Boyfriend t-shirt.

The photo shoot for the campaign took place in a grocery store: “The grocery store is like the no-man-land of the style … you can really be whoever you want, softly or in two-piece suit … ‘ No judgment.

This young company has built its reputation on its great sense of humor, its products designed and pocketed in Montreal, the quality of short-sleeved t-shirts and long sleeves, dresses and unique creativity. The principle is simple: a pocket made exclusively by Poches & Fils is designed, produced and sewn on their clothes. The more than 300 pockets produced since the birth of Poches & Fils highlight Quebec stereotypes while offering cultural winks to all that we love or all that we like to hate. Poutines, dogs, cats, slush, flamingos, bananas, bagels, salmon, etc.