The FlanelleBook presented by Sid Lee Collective in collaboration with Folio Montreal

View the behind the scenes photos from the making of the FlanelleBook.


Sid Lee Collective presents the FlanelleBook, in collaboration with Flanelle Magazine and Folio Montreal. FlanelleBook brings together 14 photographers and 30 stylists and models to co produce a thick, 150 pages hardcover book with the theme of Unity.
In a city where art and culture merges beautifully every year to create history, 3 enterprises joined forces to gather their visions and creativity. From the dazzling figure of Folio to the raw foresight of Sid Lee and the unparalleled aesthetic of Flanelle, the trio presents a unique fashion photography book in conjunction with local contributing photographers, including John Londono, Neil Mota, Mathieu Fortin, Martin Laporte, Maxyme G Delisle, Oumayma & Alison Staton, and international photographers, Julien Barbes, Stephanie Lou, Claire Delannoy, Laurie Basset and Egor Tsodov, whom bring you their own vision, perspective and creativity working in unity with their talented team.
The Flanelle Book launch takes place on January 26th, 2017 at the Grand Hall of Musee d’Art Contemporain in Montreal. Interested in promoting and preserving contemporary Québec, Canadian and international art, all profits of the Flanelle Book will be going directly to the foundation of MAC, to keep art alive and running. The mission of the Fondation du Musée d’Art Contemporain is to support the Musée in its various spheres of activity: building the Collection,mounting exhibitions, promotion and educational programs


Behind The Scenes photographers :
Valérie Paquette
Mélissa St-Arnaud