“The New Black” is a Ready To Wear women’s collection inspired by Shenhav Yaish’s life. The designer grew up in a small, modest neighborhood and was educated in a nearby wealthy neighborhood. This caused her to spend most of her childhood in denial of her oriental descent, wanting to belong, to be the same as her classmates, but she was often reminded that she did not.

In the collection, she wanted to express the feeling of who she is today, a combination of East and West. Shenhav combines Yemenite inspired patterns and richness through the colors, fabrics and embroideries with elements taken from the Western suit.

All photographs were taken in different rooms inside an antique-style house. Along with the natural lighting, the photographer wanted to convey the feelings of belonging, comfort and warmth.

Fashion Designer: Shenhav Yaish
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Gaya yaffe
Photographer: Eirad Netzer
Female Model: Sabina Goorg