I’ve found a new brand of foulard named WILLOW KNOWS, that I really love. What I like is not just the products, but their general aesthetic sensitivity. They are made by hand, one of a kind pieces using dye technique. Items are 100% silk and immense, like a huge modern watercolour painting.

They focus on the tension between stillness and fluidity in fabric design, keeping a clean aesthetic and individuality to each piece.

Into trend is the comeback of dye method. And as an accessory in this year’s fashion, foulards are my favourite. They are practical and elegant, always completing a look,  bringing a special touch.

There are so many ways to wear it, tie or wrap around your neck, like a headband, a belt or just tie it to your handbag or like a pareo. These foulards are so refined with pastel colours, look like a painting, with blur and shade colors. I love the color range,  both bright and soft at the same time. Foulards reflects a water’s surface with paint movements.

The summer lookbook collection is wonderful, showing beautifull pieces, simple,  playing with transparency and color pattern composition. It is a pure universe with water colors.


Every piece is a unique fashion painting

credits: http://willowknows.com/
– Marine Senges –